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Lea Bridge Road online public consultation

Lea Bridge Road is being modernised with £15million investment to transform this key route into an attractive destination for all, with new public spaces and a world class cycle route.

Lea Bridge Road is one of three routes linking our residents to neighbouring boroughs, running from the Whipps Cross Roundabout to the borough boundary with Hackney, and is heavily used with up to 30,000 vehicles and 1,500 cyclists using it every day.

With Lea Bridge Road Station opening next year, the area is set to become a key transport hub. This investment, along with Mini-Holland funding, will build upon the recent Bakers Arm regeneration to increase pedestrian footfall and provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to thrive. The proposed programme will upgrade junctions, bridges and footways, create attractive public spaces with more trees, offer safer routes to school and healthier travel options making the area a more enjoyable place that people will want to visit.

Over the past five years, collisions resulting in injury to people who walk and cycle have increased. Between 2009 and 2013, a total of 118 cyclists and 60 pedestrians were injured on the road, including 20 serious collisions and one fatality. Changes are needed on Lea Bridge Road to reduce collisions making the area safer for the community.

The Lea Bridge Road scheme aims to:

  • Transform the look of the road into a thriving high street and place for community interaction, increasing footfall and business opportunities.
  • Make the road safer and more attractive for all.
  • Make walking and cycling a more attractive and convenient option for local people.
  • Smooth traffic flow by upgrading junction signals and improving the borough’s road network as whole.

What happens next?

All of the feedback received from the consultation will be carefully analysed and considered as part of our final designs. Where possible, we will try to incorporate everyone’s suggestions, and where this is not possible we will try to explain why.

We will feedback to everyone who took part setting out the results and how they have been used early in early 2016.

These proposals are subject to Transport for London’s approval and we are working with them to ensure the proposals work for London’s traffic and transport network overall.

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Scheme Overview

Working with residents and businesses

We understand the importance of on-going involvement of the local community to help shape our plans. As well as this consultation, over 1,300 people and 175 businesses have already provided us with feedback on the area through our perception survey in March 2015. The top line results of the perception survey are outlined below and can be viewed by visiting

  • 55% would like to see protected cycle lanes
  • 53% wanted more plants and trees
  • 50% would like safer crossing points

We have now consulted on all sections (A, B, C, DEF, G and H) of the road.

Working with communities and services

We have asked the views of key groups and services in the area including the emergency services, schools, and religious and community groups to understand their requirements, as well as ensuring that concerns are dealt with at an early stage.

We understand that these groups play an important role within the community and will continue to work with them to develop a scheme that improves the area without impacting negatively on key services.

Map of Lea Bridge Road with 8 proposal sections

You can still view the consultation plans for each section.

Select which section of road you would like to view. Each section will outline plans for road, junction and public space improvements.

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