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Section A

A green route through Lee Valley Park

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Section A Summary

The proposals in this area aim to enhance the existing environment making this an improved destination for people to enjoy. It will provide better off road connections to the Lee Valley Park, the Olympic Park and provide easier access onto the National Cycle Network route.

New and improved existing facilities to existing crossing points will help pedestrians cross the road easily and safely and help better connect the leisure facilities located on either side of the road. Upgraded bus facilities will also be made improving accessibility and bus waiting areas. Side road junction improvements will greatly improve access for businesses and other road users using side road junctions.

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Road Improvements

The road proposals aim to improve traffic reliability and help keep traffic moving freely. The fully segregated cycle track will greatly improve safety for cyclists and other road users.

Public Spaces

The public space improvements are focused to enhance green spaces, creating both enjoyable and fun places to be. Consideration of the bio-diversity and ecology of these areas is absolutely essential. Ideas already include looking at sustainable drainage and environmental lighting with the area.